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About us

EO Community is a crypto & NFT enthusiasts community from Indonesia and we are almost focused to sharing about Crypto & NFT projects in any chain.

Our purpose is to build Community DAO which will be place to sharing each others and pooled to form a fund that will be managed by this community. We will always do research and analysis on the projects we will fund.

Our focus is on initial funding of projects related to Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-fungible tokens (NFT), Blockchain Games and unique projects that will emerge in the future.

We hope in the future our Community DAO will continue to grow and reach many people who contribute to it, especially for crypto players in Indonesia. Together we can achieve success.

Strong Community

We are EO Gank and we are solid community to support the projects we fund and help each other.

Research Based

We always do research on a project and see the prospects of the future with their utility  & vision.

Community Building

We allow you to boost your community by connecting our supportive community of crypto enthusiasts.


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